“a not so fast spicey treat. I started it around one in the afternoon and finaly ate it around 8. the longer you simmer your veggies the better it will taste and i wouldnt go for anything under an hour but dont simmer them so long they break down”
2hrs 15mins

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. bring five quarts of water to a boil in a medium stock pot.
  2. add cajun seasoning , old bay, white and black pepper, coriander, salt, tabasco, worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, bay, and shrimp to your water boil 8 minutes
  3. remove shrimp from water (save your water its gonna be your base) chill shrimp in large bowl of ice water, remove and bag shrimp when chilled, refridgerate
  4. add bell pepper onion celery tomatoes and garlic to water simmer for 1 hour.
  5. remove 4 cups of the water from your pot set aside in medium sauce pan and simmer.
  6. add wild rice to pot of veggies simmer 45 minutes.
  7. when 20 minutes are left on your timer add long grain rice to suce pan simmer rest of the 45 minutes
  8. remove both pots from heat add rice to pot of veggies and fold in your chilled shrimp cover and stew 45 mins off heat.

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