Campfire Coconut Macaroon Cake

“Extra large bread cubes dipped into sweetened condensed milk then rolled in coconut and slow roasted over the campfire. The ingredients meld into a toasted bite of bliss and smell incredible! We can hardly wait each year for camping season so that we can make these. Note: For best results do not use an airy bread like Wonder. I make mine in my bread machine. A more dense bread works best. Enjoy!”
8-12 cakes

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  1. Using a bread knife, trim all crust off the loaf of bread.
  2. Cut bread into approximately 2-inch cubes.
  3. Pour sweetened condensed milk into a pie pan or shallow bowl.
  4. Place some coconut into pie pan or onto a plate.
  5. Evenly coat bread cube with sweetened condensed milk, letting any excess drain off over dish.
  6. Lightly pat cube into coconut makeing sure that coconut adheres to all sides.
  7. Place cube onto a long toasting skewer or sharpened stick.
  8. Turn slowly, over the hot coals, until coconut is toasted brown.
  9. Remove from skewer and enjoy.
  10. CAUTION: Let cool slightly as the sugars in the milk and coconut can be quite hot right out of the fire.

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