“Imagine being in the wilderness, camping with your family, and the nearest town is an hour away. It is hot and the kids are restless and all you hear is "I'm bored... there's nothing to do". Well, your coolers are stocked with food, beverages, and of course, ice... Why not exclaim "Who wants some Ice Cream"?! Well, it can be done without leaving your campsite with just a few simple things on hand. (I have an alternative option for Camping Made Easy: Freezer Bag Ice Cream that works just as well). Chocolate syrup or a different flavored extract (such as mint) can be added to change this up. Your choice. This is great to use at a children's birthday party, also. The kids can make there own ice cream to go with the birthday cake. I hope you and your family find this fun and enjoyable. *Note: Cook time is rolling/freezing time.”

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  1. You will need:
  2. 1 - 1 pound coffee can with plastic lid (label removed and washed).
  3. 1 - 3 pound coffee can with plastic lid (label removed and washed).
  4. cling wrap.
  5. Preparation:
  6. In smaller coffee can thoroughly combine the first 5 ingredients. Place a piece of cling wrap over the top of the can and securely add the plastic lid.
  7. Place the small can inside the large can.
  8. Fill around small can half way up with crushed ice, then add half of the rock salt (approx 1/8 cup). Fill almost to the top with more crushed ice and add the remaining 1/8 cup rock salt. Leave about 3/4" space at the top of can. Cover the large can with cling wrap and securely place the plastic lid on it, also.
  9. Have 2 children sit across from one another at the picnic table (opposite ends), and roll the can between them, at a fast pace. (Just be sure they don't roll it crazily and it flies off the table).
  10. After 10 minutes of rolling, open the large can, but DO NOT remove the small can. Open the small can and give it a stir. Close both cans back up and continue another 10 minutes of vigorous rolling. Again, open the large can leaving the small one in place and stir. Seal them both back up and roll for 10 minutes longer and the ice cream will be done. Sometimes the ice cream is firm enough to eat at the 20 minute mark, so it is your choice when to serve it.
  11. Enjoy this fun activity and delicious snack!

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