“This recipe for eggs benedict has a little more weight to it, it's a crowd pleaser for sure, and it has that little bit of extra flair to it that makes it a great start to any day, and it's easy to make! This recipe is for individual servings, so to make more, just multiply it for however many people are eating.”

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  1. Toast english muffin as desired.
  2. Prepare hollandaise sauce, try Bev's recipe. It's great, #57043.
  3. Fry peameal bacon. Don't know what this is? You're crazy! www.realcanadianbacon.com If you don't have peameal bacon, a thick slice of ham will do. We're not talking lunchmeats here, I mean a thick slice of fresh ham. This is the important part of the recipe!
  4. Poach the egg. Poach it well, my tastes are that it's not as good runny but you can decide.
  5. Lightly butter the english muffin.
  6. Put peameal bacon (or ham) on the muffin, then place poached egg on top. On top of that, set the slice of apple. You may alo use tangerine slices or peach slices, something sweet to add another dimension of flavour to the eggs. Then drizzle hollandaise sauce on top, you can be decorative if you like.
  7. Serve warm and enjoy! This is a great dish that requires little time to prepare and is as beautiful as it is tasty. The peameal add that extra element that makes it a less "fussy" breakfast, and a more substantial one. Mmm!

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