Canned Meat, Canning Turkey Thighs Yummy!

“This recipe is from dh's Amish mother. This is simply outstanding - AND easy to make! This is perfect for the nights you're in a hurry to make supper - just grab a jar of meat, open & heat! We purchase these thighs when on sale (by the case) and try to keep this meat on hand. You won't be disappointed - it's SO yummy! Enjoy! Read editors' note below - and use your own judgment. The Amish have canned this way for generations (water bath) & it's never been an issue. I continue to make this recipe - with a water bath canner. Editors Note: From the University of Wisconsin-Cooperative Extension, Safe Food Preservation: Meat, wild game, poultry, and fish are low-acid foods and must be processed in a pressure canner for the full time specified to destroy food-poisoning bacteria that might be present. Under no circumstances should you use any other processing method such as boiling water bath, microwave, or over canning.”
3hrs 20mins
5-10 quarts

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Cube turkey thighs into desired size and place into canning jars.
  2. Add 1 t salt to each quart jar of meat.
  3. Add dash pepper to each quart jar of meat.
  4. Seal with lids and cook 2 1/2 hours over medium heat in a regular canner.
  5. Please note that it is not necessary to add any water to the jars- only the meat, salt& pepper.
  6. The meat will create its own juices.

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