Caramel Turtle Tart

“Sink your teeth into this ultra rich creamy caramel dessert.”

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  1. Fit pie shell dough into 9 inch tart pan with a removable bottom.Preheat oven and bake tart shell according to package directions. Let cool completely.
  2. Combine sugar, water and corn syrup in a small, heavy saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium heat without stirring. Continue cooking without disturbing until mixture turns golden, reduce heat to low, carefully drizzle in 3/4 cup cream and then stir until smooth.
  3. Stir in pecans and vanilla extract into caramel mixture and then scrape into prepared tart shell. Chill for at least 30 minutes (or up to 2 days if you want to).
  4. Place chocolate, remaining 1 tbsp cream and vegetable oil in a small microwavable bowl; cook mixture for 2 minutes at medium power.
  5. Stir until smooth (if it doesn't melt after 2 minutes microwave and additional 30 second intervals until smooth).
  6. Place chilled tart to a serving platter. Scrape melted chocolate into a corner of a small, sturdy plastic bag.
  7. Cut off tip and drizzle chocolate on top of tart. Chill again until ready to serve.

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