Caribbean Chicken Picadillo in Tortillas

“This colorful & veggie loaded version of picadillo was inspired by the colors of the fresh vegetables sitting on my counter. There are as many versions of picadillo as there are chefs cooking in their homes. This one pleased my family with it’s slight sweetness and the spicy complement of the topping. I hope it works for your family too. This recipe was created for RSC #8.”

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  1. Dice all vegetables and divide as follows; In one bowl place onions, garlic, bell peppers, jalapenos, & butternut squash. In second bowl place raisins, coconut, and tomatoes. Note; all vegetables and chicken should be similar in size to help the dish cook evenly.
  2. In a small bowl stir together vinegar, cornstarch, cinnamon, & nutmeg.
  3. Make Spicy Curry Dip. Mix all ingredients together and chill until ready to serve.
  4. In large skillet place 1 T olive oil and heat pan. Add chicken pieces and stir until done.
  5. Add bowl of vegetables containing onions, garlic, jalapenos, & butternut squash. Stir in & cook until vegetables are tender.
  6. Add the vinegar/ cornstarch/ spice mixture & stir until all ingredients are well coated.
  7. Add bowl of ingredients containing raisins, coconut, & tomatoes.
  8. Add water & salt. Cook until thickened. Remove from heat.
  9. In bowl beat together eggs, 2 T water, cayenne & a generous grating of nutmeg. Pour into a shallow bowl that will accommodate the flour tortillas for soaking. Add 2 of the flour tortillas and turn to coat with egg mixture. Let them rest in bowl. As you use one replace it with a new tortilla in the egg mixture.
  10. Heat large skillet and add 1T oil. (Note; I used an electric skillet so I could do 2 at a time.) Place egg coated tortilla in pan and cook on one side until lightly browned. Turn over and add ½ cup of the meat & vegetable mixture to center of tortilla in a lengthwise pattern. Fold two sides in and press down with spatula. Cook until bottom is golden brown, then turn to do the other side. Remove to rectangular pan & place in warm oven while you complete the rest of the tortillas. Replace the 1 T oil as needed. I found I needed very little using a nonstick pan.
  11. Serve with a dollop of the curry dip on top. Garnish with a sprinkling of cilantro leaves on top of the dip for presentation.

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