“When i was 7 years old i was forced to use glasses for reading, i hated the glasses so i searched for a way to get rid of them, then one day i heard that carrots are very good for the eyes so i began to search for ways to eat carrots because i never really liked them, until i found this solution, i still eat it like this from time to time, but back then this was the only way i liked carrots, and now i dont wear glasses, i'm not sure if it was thanks to the carrots but i sure enjoyed eating them. I hope you like it :)”

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 peeled raw carrot
  • 1 lemon, juice of
  • water (just add a little bit so that the lemon juice dont hurt the enamel of the teeth)
  • salt (sprinkle salt over it enough for it to taste good)


  1. Cut the raw carrot into little pieces ( i generally use the peeler . I keep peeling the peeled carrot to make thin slices of carrots, because sometimes the carrots are too hard to cut with a knife, and this is a fun way to do it) :).
  2. Throw the carrot slices on a bowl or deep plate, pour the juice of a lemon, a little bit of water and sprinkle it with salt.
  3. Mix it with a spoon or fork and eat it :).

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