Chardonnay Poached Leeks and Creme Fraiche Dressing

“I sometimes struggle to come up with innovative & seasonal vegetable accompaniments; this recipe was devised when I had about 4 leeks left after making Leek & Potato soup, and about half a glass of Chardonnay!! It's a cross between poaching & steaming them in the Chardonnay, you don't want too much liquid. When you are ready to serve the leeks, add your creme fraiche & seasonings and you have an elegant & easy vegetable side dish! Try and use thin leeks rather than the tougher & larger leeks. Measurements are based on 4 people - I have allowed one leek per person, based on the fact that there will be other side dishes & maybe potatoes served as well.”

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  1. Wash the leeks thoroughly and trim of the very tough green tops and the woody base.
  2. Make sure you have some of the green as well as the white of the leeks.
  3. Cut the leeks into 1" diagonal slices.
  4. Put into a large saucepan and add the Chardonnay or white wine.
  5. Add the sugar and stir around.
  6. Bring to the boil, without a lid.
  7. Turn the heat right down, put the lid on and simmer very gently for about 5 to 10 minutes or until the leeks still hold their shape & colour, but are soft. (Cooking times vary on whether the slices are 1" or smaller/larger!).
  8. Add the creme fraiche, pepper & salt and mix gently.
  9. Serve with some chopped parsley as a garnish, making sure everyone gets some of the wine & cream sauce!
  10. N.B. Grated lemon is also very nice as a finishing touch, especially if you are serving it with fish.

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