“Here is my recipe now I make this cause its cheaper and my kids love it a lot I've used it for just about everything that calls for tomato sauce from deep dish stuffed pizza to spaghetti, raviolis. Now you can make this with or without meat. If you make your own tomato sauce from fresh tomato's then use that instead of the canned stuff I use. Also you can use fresh onions or onion powder and the same goes for the garlic”
2hrs 10mins
24 oz

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Now take fist 7 ingredients and add to a sauce pan cook on high until the tomato sauce and paste thins out a little.
  2. Then turn the heat down to low, After that start adding the brown sugar try first adding 1 TBS at a time stir the brown sugar in and take a little taste and see if it is enough for you.
  3. Now let it cook for a hour or two stirring every so often.
  4. If you want to add meat to this add 1 lbs ground beef just brown the ground beef and add to the tomato sauce just after you add the sugar.
  5. The longer you let this cook it seems the better it tastes to me . The spices and everything can have more or less added to fit your taste. I've also added mushrooms to this and added other veggies also chopped up fine (Kids don't like veggies if they can see them.) Just a little more advice and that is the longer you cook your meat in this the better the meat tastes and the sauce.

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