Cheerful's Easy Leftover Fried Chicken Pot Pie

“I had a lot of leftover Chicken Express fried chicken tenders tonight...and I needed a meal to use them all up. This was super easy, pretty fast, and really, really yummy! A great use for left over fried chicken, french fries, and cream gravy. This is not a traditional pot pie...but TRUST me!!! It is SOOOO good.”
1 Pie or casserole

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  1. Preheat oven to biscuit cooking temperature Mine was 350 degrees.
  2. Heat butter in pretty large skillet on med temperature.
  3. Add chopped celery, french fries, carrots, and sweet peas.
  4. Saute until tender the potatos will be soft but that is ok, trust me.
  5. Add chicken and saute until heated through, I added more butter here -- that is a personal taste. You don't need to.
  6. At this point your oven should be ready to cook your biscuits so go ahead and cook those to ALMOST done -- explained later.
  7. Transfer the sauted mixture to a seperate bowl
  8. Add gravy and chicken soup to your hot skillet and heat till warm.
  9. now add your cream -- this is to taste. I like it really creamy and you need to make sure you have enough cream sauce -- so its up to you.
  10. Add some pepper and the thyme now and pour saute mixture back into your skillet.
  11. You can use whatever cooking dish you like for your pot pie, I used my 9 inch cast iron skillet -- one dish meal -- it really doesn't matter. Use what you have.
  12. Now, cover the top with biscuits and put in the oven. Heat until bubbly.
  13. I would guess it took about 7 or 8 minutes in the oven -- this is the reason the biscuits are not fully cooked already. But, soggy biscuits are gross so you want to make sure they are mostly done -- mine where barely golden on the egdges when I put them on the top of the pie and baked it. By the time the dish was bubbly the biscuits were golden and perfect.
  14. NOTE: the baking time is approximately it made me put something there and that is a total time for pre-baking your biscuits before you put them on the pie and finish the baking. Your cooking time may be different.

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