Cheese Spread Aka Bottomless Cheese Crock

“I saw this in a very old, old recipe book..the name escapes me. Anyways once this cheese crock is started, you keep it going by blending cheese remnants into it. And if additions keep pace with subtractions, you'll have a cheese spread that lasts almost indefinitely. Store the crock in the refrigerator. Before serving, let cheese soften at room temperature for about an hour.”
3 cups

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  1. Let cheeses stand at room temperature until soft.
  2. Combine cheeses.
  3. Add olive oil, mustard, garlic salt, and brandy.
  4. Beat until well blended.
  5. Pack into container, cover, and refrigerate for about a week before using the first time.
  6. Adding to the Crock: Firm cheeses---such as Swiss, Jack, or any Chdeddar types---are fine. Shred and beat in while cheese in crock is soft, adding small amounts of olive oil or cream cheese for good consistency. Also add brandy, dry Sherry, Port, beer, or Kirsch, keeping the total not larger than the original proportion of brandy. Then let mixture age a few days before serving. Use it every week or two, saving part of original mixgture to keep crock going.

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