Cherry Cheese Tarts- Recipe for Chicago 12 Cup Mini Cheesecake P

“This recipe came with the Chicago Metallic 12 cup mini cheesecake pan. Posting as written for safekeeping. This pan is used for making mini-sized cheesecakes and has removable discs for the bottom of each cup to make removing the cheesecakes easy.”
12 cheesecakes

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  1. Preheat oven to 375°F Place one disc in each cup of the cheesecake pan. Lightly grease the pans with butter or use a non-stick spray.
  2. Blend cream cheese with the egg, vanilla and 1/4 cup sugar. Set aside.
  3. Mix the ground nuts woth the melted butter and 3 tablespoons of sugar.
  4. Press the nut crumb into the base of 12 cups. Press the crumbs into the base and about 1/3 ways up the side of each cup.
  5. Fill evenly with the cheesecake mixture.
  6. Bake 14 minutes.
  7. Remove the pan from the oven and place on a rack to cool for 20 minutes.
  8. The tops will all as they cool.
  9. Lightly loosen the cheese tarts around the edges and carefully remove the cheesecakes by pushing the handle of a wooden spoon through the hole at the bottom of each cup.
  10. When cool, take the disc off the bottom of each cheesecake using a butter knife.
  11. Place 3 or 4 cherries on the top of each tart.
  12. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Makes 1 dozen cheesecakes.

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