“Very similar to Larabar”
4 bars

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 13 cup dried sour cherries (packed tightly into measuring cup)
  • 14 cup almonds
  • 9 dates (pitted)


  1. Using a good chopping knife, begin to coarsely chop your piles of nuts, cherries and dates.
  2. The dates will be very sticky, but just do you best to slice, and then cube them up.
  3. Combine your piles and chop together.
  4. It will be pretty rough at first, but just keep chopping and the ingredients will begin to combine and stick to each other.
  5. Once the ingredients begin to stick together, use your knife to squish it into a single mass.
  6. Chop up that mass and repeat.
  7. The mass will continue to hold together better, and eventually your chopping will be more like taking slices off of the mass.
  8. If at this point you feel your mix is still too dry, try adding another date.
  9. Continue on until the mass reliably sticks together.
  10. At that point, you will be able to knead it a couple of times using your hands.
  11. Just fold it over on its self and mush down.
  12. It will be a little sticky, but not too much.
  13. Press it into a rectangular shape about 3/4″ high.
  14. Using a clean knife, cut the mass into bars.
  15. They can be wrapped in plastic wrap for later use.

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