“This is a marinade that I developed & tweaked over many years to keep the chicken & pork fussies in my family happy! The name was donated by my children (aka "The Lil Fussies") when they were young & hasn't changed even though they're taller than me now! As this recipe is often requested by friends & family, I thought I might share it here. Enjoy! SPECIAL NOTE: I add 1/2 TB (apprx 2 packets) of "True Lime" = powdered crystallized lime (comes in lemon & orange too) to marinade but was unable to get ingredient to show correctly... adds extra zip but is OPTIONAL :)”

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Mix all ingredients in large zip-lock type bag by shaking vigorously.
  2. HINT: I use a Magic Bullet-type chopper/blender to mix/chop all marinade ingredients & pour in bag.
  3. Add chicken &/or pork of choice (6-8 med chicken breasts or chops), seal bag well & shake to distribute marinade with meat.
  4. Marinate at least 4 hours in refrigerator, but overnight is the best!
  5. Bring chicken/pork to room temperature before cooking.
  6. Remove from marinade & grill or broil to desired done-ness. (apprx 7 mins each side, on grill, for medium boneless chicken breasts or 3/4 inch pork chops = 14 total minutes).
  7. May also freeze batches of chicken or pork in marinade then thaw & cook as usual.

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