“This is a chicken marsala recipe that I altered a little bit. A definite favorite at my house and my son (5) LOVES it. Pair it with the strawberry spinach salad and roasted potatoes for a perfect dinner to impress!”

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  1. pound chicken with tenderizing mallett.
  2. combine flour and pepper (i like a little garlic powder in mine).
  3. toss tenderized chicken in flour mixture and lightly coat.
  4. while tossing chicken, heat a large deep skillet with olive oil on med high to high heat (an electric skillet works great).
  5. brown your chicken. about 2 1/2 -3 min on each side. (it may only look partially brown) make sure it is cooked through.
  6. add marsala wine, sherry, garlic, and sliced mushrooms. (you can use cooking wine and canned mushroom, but to get the full flavor, I recommend using pure marsala wine and fresh shrooms).
  7. turn heat down to med. and let simmer for about 10 minute
  8. check and flip chicken to make sure its evenly distributed.
  9. it should be thickening. If it doesn't add a tsp of cornstarch with water in a shot glass, stir and add to wine sauce. wait 5 minute.
  10. repeat if necessary.
  11. sauce should be thick enough to almost be considered a thin gravy.
  12. serve with rice or potatoes.

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