“A great way to enjoy an old favorite, minus the chicken! Frozen, cubed tofu is used to mimic the chicken and impart protien into this wonderful, cold-chasing soup. Easy enough for a beginner chef, too.”
1hr 20mins

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. (Note: A day ahead of time, you will wish the place the block of tofu, still in it's original store packaging, in the freezer until frozen solid. On the day you plan to make this soup, remove the tofu from the freezer and allow it to thoroughly defrost. Prep time does not include freezing.).
  2. Add first 12 ingredients to a large stock pot. Bring to a low boil.
  3. Once the soup is boiling, remove the tofu from it's packaging and drain. You may wring out the block of tofu like a sponge, ensuring that it is as dry as possible, before cutting it into small dice and adding it to the stock pot.
  4. Once the vegetables have attained your prefered doneness, add the dry pasta to the pot. Cook until pasta is 'al dente' (aproximately 5-7minutes), remove soup from heat, add Braggs (if using) and serve!

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