Chicken Spinach Polenta Layer Pie

“This was inspired by my Chilean Grandma and loosely based on Pastel de Choclo, a local chicken, beef corn dish. With some additions and subtractions an equally yummy dish has evolved.”
1hr 25mins

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  1. Preheat oven to about 190 degrees Celsius
  2. Poach chicken breasts in water or stock, keep stock aside
  3. Shred chicken
  4. Sauté chopped onion
  5. Add sliced mushrooms, cook till juices run
  6. Add cornflour, cumin, oregano
  7. On low heat gradually add about 300ml stock, from above, to make sauce
  8. Bring to boil add chicken and cook for 5 minute
  9. Season with salt and pepper
  10. Squeeze spinach dry
  11. Combine spinach, toasted chopped cashews and crushed garlic in a bowl
  12. Mix well
  13. Boil 1 ½ litres of salted water or stock
  14. Remove from heat and slowly add polenta while stirring with a wooden spoon
  15. Place pot back on heat and cook till thick and creamy
  16. Add grated cheese and chopped olives
  17. Spread on greased tray 1cm thick and bake in oven for 15 min till brown
  18. Cut to fit casserole dish enough for two layers
  19. Place chicken mix in bottom of casserole dish
  20. Place sliced hard boiled eggs and raisins on top
  21. Add layer of grilled polenta
  22. Then place spinach mix on top
  23. Then add final layer of polenta
  24. Bake in oven for 35-45 minute

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