Chicken with a Mushroom and Walnut Sauce

“I like this dish because it is versatile in that you can change the seasonings to alter the flavor even though the flavor in itself is wonderful. The walnuts add a great nutty flavor to the mushrooms and chicken strips. It is a filling meal. It can easily be divided for more depending on what you are serving or if it is the only meal.”

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  1. Salt and Pepper the chicken.
  2. I like to add a little homemade Essence to this, or paprika.
  3. Then dredge your chicken into the crumbs.
  4. Bake the chicken at 350* for about 15 minutes until you lose the pink.
  5. Of course, this will take longer if your chicken are larger.
  6. Cut the chicken diagonally in strips when done.
  7. Keep each piece relatively together as one and hot until you are ready with the sauce.
  8. Place the chicken on top of the pasta.
  9. The following sauce will cover all.
  10. Heat 2 Tblsp. oil in a large skillet where you will saute the mushrooms and the walnuts.
  11. Let the mushrooms reach a nice golden color.
  12. Add the cream and continue stirring until the mixture begins to thicken approximately 5 min.
  13. Turn your heat down to warm.
  14. When the sauce slows and stops simmering, add pepper and cheeses.
  15. Stir until the sauce is smooth, but do not boil.
  16. Serve this sauce over your chicken and pasta.
  17. Don't forget your parsley sprig for that added touch.
  18. I like mint sprigs too.
  19. I've even made this with veal cutlets, and the sauce is very good with it.
  20. Very versatile-- can be elegant or just plain.
  21. Serve with a variety of vegies, I like a broccoli asst.
  22. ,and a pasta, or potato etc.

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