Chickpea Flour (Besan) Poore

“These are best made fresh and served hot. The batter can be made in advance and refrigerated. However, if they are made ahead of time, then reheat in a stack of four, properly wrapped, in the microwave oven (1 to 2 minutes) or the conventional oven (10 minutes at 375 degrees F). Healthy Alternative: Make on a heavy skillet, using oil spray or very little oil. Use them as wraps and fill with sauteed vegetables or beans.”
10 pieces

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  1. Mix everything together (except oil) with a whisk or your hand.
  2. Add more buttermilk if needed, to make a thick consistency batter, as for pancakes.
  3. Heat a griddle (or skillet) on medium heat.
  4. Grease with 1 teaspoon of oil the first time only.
  5. Pour 2 tablespoons of batter and spread evenly and thinly with the back of a serving spoon into a round shape.
  6. Add ½ teaspoon of oil around the edges.
  7. Cook for 1 to 2 minutes until the top appears dry and the bottom has just begun to brown.
  8. Turn over with a flat spatula; brown the other side very lightly, adding ½ teaspoon of oil around the edges.
  9. Make all the crepes the same way.
  10. Serve hot with any chutney.

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