Chilled Cucumber, Avocado and Shrimp Soup

“A delightfully refreshing chilled soup -- this recipe is perfect for a hot summer day, a BBQ or even dinner party. The presentation is simple yet elegant, and the soup itself is so good and easy to prepare. There are other avocado/cucumber soup recipes posted here at Zaar, but this one is different and contains an additional ingredient: shrimp! :) This recipe was adapted from a similar one found in HomeBasics magazine. Also note that "Cook Time" is the time required for proper chilling.”
1hr 5mins
4 generous portions

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Cut the avocado in half and remove the pit. Wrap half the avocado in plastic wrap and set aside.
  2. Peel the other half of the avocado, then cut it into chunks.
  3. Place the avocado, cucumber, broth, yogurt, lime juice and salt in the bowl of a blender. Process until smooth and creamy. Transfer the mixture to a bowl and refrigerate for at least 1 hour or until very cold.
  4. To serve, peel and dice the remaining avocado half. Stir the avocado into the soup along with the diced shrimp.
  5. Ladle the soup into 4 bowls, sprinkle with green onions and float a single shrimp on top of each.

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