Chinese (Ramen) Noodle Salad

“There are similar versions of this out there, but I tweaked the one I got from a good friend's sister. It sounds like a weird combination, but it is quick to make, easy, and very tasty. But, those who save my other recipes know that I like simple, flavorful dishes. *** Windywood- I have made it using candied pineapple tidbits before, soy nuts, apple bits, sunflower seeds, etc. Each time, it comes out a bit different, but wonderful. It is a very fun recipe to experiment with.”
4hrs 5mins

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 12 ounces broccoli slaw mix
  • 6 ounces creamy chicken-flavored ramen noodles, Crushed
  • 13 cup oil
  • 12 cup white vinegar
  • 12 cup sugar, Up To 3/4 Of A Cup
  • 23 cup slivered almonds
  • 8 tablespoons green onions, Diced Finely Or, Use 5 Teaspoons Of Green Onion And Regular Onion Minced Seasoning (California Style In The Spice Asile)
  • 1 teaspoon garlic granules


  1. Wisk together the sugar, oil, vinegar, and seasoning packets from the ramen noodles, dissolving throughly for the dressing.
  2. Mix together the almonds, noodles, slaw mix, and onions.
  3. Pour the dressing over the top of the slaw mixture.
  4. Refrigerate for at least 4-6 hours before serving.
  5. Serve!

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