“This is a chipotle sauce that I have created from other recipes that I have tried over the years. I have modified this recipe several times and finally think that I have one that is worth sharing. I know that most chipotle recipes call for 1 or 2 chipotle peppers, but I use a whole can. Don't be alarmed, it is actually very good and has just the right amount of kick.”
2 pints

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  1. Add all ingredients in food processor except cheese. Blend on high until the peppers are mostly blended without any big chunks. I usually do this for about 1 minute. Add cheese in chunks. Blend on high for about 3 minutes until all chunks are blended well and the chipotle is good and smooth. I usually blend for one minute and then scrape down the sides and continue blending until there are no noticable pieces of garlic in the sauce. This recipe will make a little more than 2 pints. I store it in mason jars in the frig. It goes so fast around my house that I couldnt tell you how long it would stay good in the frig.

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