Chocolate Fudge Sheet Cake

“A chocolate lovers delight! This is from my Grandmothers recipe collection and is absolutely scrumptious. The cake stays moist because the icing is rich fudge. Prep and cooking times are approximate and includes cooling time.”
1hr 30mins
1 cake

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. For the Cake.
  2. Sift this together dry ingredients (sugar, flour, and baking soda) in separate bowl.
  3. In a sauce pan melt butter.
  4. Add water (stir until blended).
  5. Add coco (stir until blended).
  6. Bring to boil.
  7. Let it boil for 2 minutes.
  8. Stir in dry ingredient mixture.
  9. Add buttermilk (stir until blended).
  10. Add eggs (stir until blended).
  11. Add vanilla (stir until blended).
  12. Add mixture to a greased and floured 8 x 11-inch cake pan.
  13. Bake at 350°F for approximately 30 minutes or when done.
  14. For the Icing:.
  15. In sauce pan melt butter.
  16. Add milk and sugar.
  17. Bring to boil and then boil 2 minutes.
  18. Remove from heat.
  19. Stir in chocolate chips, marshmallows and nuts.
  20. Stir until thick.
  21. Pour over cake.

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