“From Simple & Delicious magazine. It looks delicious but fairly quick to prepare. Very elegant in appearance. Yes, it really does call for 3 tablespoons vanilla (there's even an editor's note confirming that)! The times don't include cooling and chilling times. Can be made the day before serving.”

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 (20 ounce) package brownie mix (8 inch pan size box)
  • 1 egg (or however many mix requires)
  • 14 cup water (or however much mix requires)
  • 13 cup vegetable oil (or however much mix requires)
  • 3 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream, divided
  • 6 tablespoons butter, cubed
  • 1 tablespoon instant coffee granules
  • 3 tablespoons vanilla
  • 14 -16 pirouette cookies, cut into 1 1/2 inch long pieces


  1. Preheat oven to 350* F. Prepare brownie batter according to package directions, using egg, water, and oil. Pour into a greased 9-inch round springform pan. Place pan on a baking sheet, transfer to oven, and bake at 350* F for 25-30 minutes or until toothpick inserted near center comes out clean. Cool completely in pan on a wire rack.
  2. Place chocolate chips in a food processer and process until finely chopped. In a small microwave safe bowl, combine 1 cup cream, butter, and coffee granules. Microwave until butter is melted, about 1-1 1/2 minutes. Stir until smooth.
  3. With food processor running, add butter mixture to the chocolate in a steady, slow stream. Add vanilla and process until smooth.
  4. Fill a pastry decorating bag with 1/4 cup chocolate mixture and set aside. Transfer remaining mixture to a large bowl.
  5. Remove sides from springform pan. Spread top and sides of the brownie evenly with half of the chocolate mixture.
  6. In a small bowl, beat remaining 1 cup cream until soft peaks form. Fold carefully into remaining chocolate mixture until evenly mixed. Spread over chocolate layer on brownie.
  7. Gently press cookie pieces close together and vertically against sides of brownie.
  8. Pipe reserved chocolate mixture into little rosettes around top.
  9. Cover and chill for at least 4 hours or overnight.
  10. Remove from refrigerator 5 minutes before cutting. Refrigerate leftovers.

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