“Its an absolutely yummy dessert.It will be a big hit with kids here.They will just love it. Anyone who likes ice-cream and chocolates would find this irresistible!So,go ahead and try this one.Its really simple to make and you will have your family asking for more!”

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  1. It will be best to use transparent glasses for this one.
  2. Firstly break the almonds and cashewnuts into small pieces,roast them and keep this aside.
  3. Put these nuts in the coffee decoction and mix well.
  4. Now we are ready to get going.
  5. Take a teaspoon full of cocoa in the glass.
  6. This will be our base.
  7. Next a scoop,to be precise a tablespoon of vanilla icecream is placed over this (do make sure the ice-cream has not begun to melt,you may need to be fast for this one!).
  8. On this we place a teaspoon of the mix (coffee decoction,roasted alonds and cashewnuts).
  9. Over this a layer of cocoa.
  10. Next place a tablespoon of chocolate ice-cream.
  11. Again top this with the mix and cocoa.
  12. You can repeat the stages depending upon the size of your glass.
  13. When you are done,do not forget to freeze before you serve.
  14. It might look messy with the ice-cream all liquid,though it definitely will taste'amazing'.
  15. The coffee decoction might be avoided for very young children.

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