ChuckwagonCookie's Authentic NC Style Pork BBQ (Oven or Grill)

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“Slow cooked pork with a tangy, slightly hot vinegar based BBQ sauce. Traditionally served on a cheap white hamburger bun, with a big dollop of creamy slightly sweet coleslaw on the sandwich! The slaw balances the tang of the BBQ perfectly!”
11hrs 30mins

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  2. The day before you plan on cooking the meat, mix the rub.
  3. ingredients together in a small bowl. Liberally coat the meat,.
  4. and pat the rub into the meat. Don't worry if you do not use all.
  5. the rub, as long as the meat has a nice coating.
  6. Wrap the meat tightly in plastic wrap and place in a dish, then.
  7. put it in the refrigerator overnight. The dish will catch any.
  8. juices that leak.
  10. The meat will take 10 to 12 hours to cook, so plan accordingly.
  11. If you have a grill, prepare it for indirect cooking. (heat on.
  12. one side, meat on the other.) Cover the grill grates over the.
  13. heat and next to the meat with aluminum foil, to make the smoke.
  14. come out under the meat.
  15. For gas, turn on high, for charcoal, prepare as usual.
  16. While grill is heating, make an aluminum foil pouch to hold your WET.
  17. wood chips. Poke a few holes in the top. Place the pouch.
  18. directly on the coals or gas grill deflector plates. not on the.
  19. grill grate above!
  20. Oil the grill grate where the meat will be, place the meat on.
  21. the grill, close the lid and wait. Vents on the grill, if any,.
  22. should be mostly closed,except for the one on the same side as.
  23. the meat -- we want that smoke drawn toward the meat!
  24. Preheat your oven to 275 degrees. Place a cookie sheet on the.
  25. bottom oven shelf, and fill almost full with water.
  26. When the smoke stops, oil the oven grid above you cookie sheet,.
  27. so your meat won't stick to it. Bring the meat in, and place.
  28. directly on the oven grid above the cookie sheet with water.
  29. If you wish, you can continue to cook it on the grill, you want.
  30. a temperature of around 275 at the level of the meat. Don't add.
  31. more smoke -- too much is not good! For charcoal grillers, just.
  32. add a few briquets periodically to keep the heat constant. Gas.
  33. grillers, make sure you have plenty of gas -- remember, this.
  34. will take up to 12 hours or more, depending on wind, weather and.
  35. temperature control.
  36. Go ahead and make your BBQ sauce by combining all ingredients in.
  37. a jar. I like to make the slaw now too, because it is better if it has.
  38. some hours to allow flavors to develop.
  39. OK, now comes the part that needs patience. Let the meat cook.
  40. at 275 until a meat thermometer inserted into the center reads.
  41. 200 degrees. Yes, 200! This will take from 8-12 hours. A remote thermometer is handy for this.
  42. When the temperature gets somewhere around 150 on up, it may.
  43. seem like the meat just isn't heating anymore -- this is normal,.
  44. just be patient. After a while, it will start to creep up again.
  45. When the meat FINALLY reaches 200 degrees, remove from the oven,.
  46. cover with foil and let sit for 1/2 hour.
  47. Increase oven heat to 325.
  49. Take two forks, and use to shred the meat. It should just fall.
  50. apart. The outside of the meat should have a nice "bark", dark.
  51. and crunchy -- just bang this up and throw it in with the.
  52. shredded meat. Put the meat into an oven safe dish.
  53. As you shred the meat, feel free to remove about half of the fat.
  54. you encounter, but mix the rest into the meat for flavor. Mash.
  55. it up well first.
  56. OK, now that the meat is shredded, pour about 2 cups of the BBQ.
  57. sauce (shake well first) into the meat and mix WELL. It should.
  58. be juicy moist but not saturated.
  59. Cover and place in the 325 degree oven for half an hour or so.
  60. Now it can be eaten or refrigerated for later or frozen.
  61. To serve: Put a generous amount of Q on a bun, add a big.
  62. spoonful of slaw, drizzle more BBQ sauce as desired, and enjoy!

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