Cinnamon Frosting for That Medieval Wedding Cake

“When we were making up my mind :o) about what I wanted to do for a cake, I just knew that I wanted something basic and simplistic. We chose a spice cake ( and I found the mix on sale!), but I couldn't find any frosting that I wanted. I wanted a parchment colored frosting. And there just wasn't any out there. Then I thought... CINNAMON! I scooped up a whole armload of white vanilla frosting and went to work on it. This is what came out as a winner and ended up being lovely in color and taste. Excellent with the spice cake by the way.”
2 cups

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  1. Turn frosting out into a large mixing bowl with your scrapper/spatula.
  2. Add cinnamon; mix on medium speed with your electric mixer, scraping down the sides often, until cinnamon is throughout.
  3. Spread on favorite cake.
  4. I am so not a baker by any means, but I baked our wedding cake and after cutting and pasting (ha) with this frosting, our cake looked beautiful.

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