Cochon De Lait (Cajun Pulled, Smoked Pork)

“This is a recipe I have fiddled with for a few years. Rich and smokey, this pulled pork recipe will knock your socks off. As far as our famiy is concerned, if you can't get the real thing this is what you want. Originally, the recipes are all for a whole small pig (the name chocon de lait is roughly a "milk pig" or suckling pig)..enough of that... this is easy, do ahead, put it in the crockpot and prepare to hurt yourself. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Cook time includes the overnight cure and the marinating for 2 days”
1 large pot

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  1. Rub meat with salt and pepper and put in a large zip lock bag over night in fridge to cure.
  2. Next day, rinse and make several slits all over and stud with garlic slivers and rub with a good amount of Cajun seasoning.
  3. Put the meat in the bag, mix the rest of the ingredients in a glass bowl and pour over the meat.
  4. Seal and put in the fridge for two days, turning a couple of times a day.
  5. Remove from fridge and let stand till the chill is off.
  6. Dump everything in a crockpot and cook on low overnight.
  7. Pull the meat out and trim off fat, and shred the meat or tear it into chunks.
  8. Let the liquid cook down a little, and add the meat back into the pot.
  9. Serve this on Pistolets, or french bread cut about 6 inches long, or any other crusty bread.
  10. Dress it with a good cole slaw.
  11. It's hard to say how much this will make, for sandwiches it depends on how large your rolls are, and how much filling you use, but it is a good amount and it freezes well.

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