Collard Greens - Pressure Cooker Method

“I found this recipe on the Atlanta Journal-Constituition website. However, the original recipe did not include amounts of the ingreedients. That tells me that the recipe is forgiving - feel free to adjust it to your own tast. Pressure cooking makes the collards velvety without bitterness and takes only 20 minutes.”

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  1. Remove the dirt from the collard greens by filling your sink with cold water and soaking them for a 1/2 hour.
  2. While the greens are soaking, put the chicken broth, oil, tomato puree, onion, garlic, and vinegar into the bottom of the pressure cooker and stir to combine the ingreedients.
  3. Remove the greens from the sink one at a time, disturbing the water as little as possible. The dirt will remain on the bottom and the greens will float to the top.
  4. Remove the thickest parts of the stems at the base of the greens and chop the stems nto small pieces. Then, place the greens on top of one another and roll them into cigar-shaped bundles. Cut the greens into one or two inch wide pieces.
  5. Toss the greens and stems with the sugar and salt. Then, add them to the pot and toss to coat with the oil mixture.
  6. Pressure cook for about 20 minutes.

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