“Poke is a traditional Cook Islands recipe for a classic dessert of cooked bananas mixed with milk, thickened with arrowroot, and sweetened with sugar that's baked and served in coconut milk. You can substitute the arrowroot with an equal amount of cornstarch. I recommend using a scale. 7oz cornstarch = about 1.5 cups. The purplish color is somewhat disturbing but the results are delicious! Posted for ZWT7.”

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  1. Peel the bananas and mash roughly. Add them to a pot along with the water. Bring to a gentle boil and cook until the bananas assume a purplish color (add more water if needed). Take off the heat and allow to cool naturally. Be careful near the end because the bananas can caramelize and/or burn. Also, the thick mixture bubbles & spurts so don't get burned!
  2. Combine the arrowroot & milk in a small bowl. Whisk until thoroughly combined.
  3. Pour the banana mixture in to a large bowl and mash with the sugar. Add the arrowroot/milk mixture & mix well.
  4. Butter an 8x8 baking dish and pour the mixture into this. Place in a 375F preheated oven and bake for about 35 minutes, or until set and golden brown. Take from the oven and cool.
  5. Take your baked poke and cut into 2" squares. Place squares into individual bowls and pour the coconut milk over the top. Allow to soak into the poke and serve.

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