Copycat Version of Bubba Gump's Cheese Fries

“This is a version of Bubba Gump's cheese fries that I just came up with at the last minute. I had been craving them ever since I had them. Now if you are in the mood for something fattening, tasty, a little spicy and cheesy, this is the dish for you. *You may have to play around with the ingredients to get it right.*”

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  1. Make sure you have your French fries ready. Use fresh cut fries or take out fries, not frozen fries, because I don't think frozen fries will yield the desired taste.
  2. Prepare your cheese sauce which is incredibly easy. Add Velveeta cheese, enchilada sauce, water, and chili powder in a small saucepan. Allow cheese to melt completely with the enchilada sauce and water. I put approximate measurements; you can always add more or less if you choose.
  3. Once the sauce is done, arrange the French fries on the bottom of a nice little plate.
  4. Add sauce on top; garnish with sour cream.
  5. I'm sure this isn't the most healthy dish, but it's really TASTY!

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