“What is left over from this meat is my favourite sandwich filling of all time!! The slower and longer this cooks the better. The sauce is a wonderful accompanyment. My step-mum always served this dish with mashed potatoes and cabbage. Her family migrated to Australia from the UK in the 1950's, so I am led to believe this is very traditional. Be sure to use brown vinegar, not white.”
4hrs 5mins

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  1. Place the silverside in a deep pot and cover with water (completely cover).
  2. Add all the other ingredients and bring JUST to the boil. Turn down and simmer for 3 1/2 -4 hours.
  3. Slice just enough for your meal, what ever is left - return to the water and place in the fridge, this keeps it moist and makes the best sandwich filling EVER!
  4. To prepare the sauce:
  5. In a medium sized pan melt the butter and add the flour, stir and let cook for 30-60 seconds.
  6. Add the milk gradually stirring constantly (I like to use a whisk).
  7. Cook over a low heat until thick and resembles custard. Add the mustard, stir through and serve with the meat.

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