Cottage Cheese German Style

“Growing up we had a neighbor from Germany that used to make this. What makes this unusual is the preparation. I don't know what it's called, but I know she used it as a dip & a dressing. It's great as a topping for baked potatoes, or with raw veggies, good bread etc. She'd have it in the evening as a snack with her glass of wine that she put Sweet Woodruff (a flower/ground cover she grew in her garden) leaves in, (also a German tradition). This is really nice to have on hand. Her original recipe called for MSG, which I omit. You can put in any amounts of your favorite seasonings, I think she just added her favorites or whatever she was in the mood for. However the caraway seeds are a desirable flavor addition which demand that this sits a bit to soften the seeds. Otherwise, it could be used right away, or kept on hand in the fridge through the week. You can also add green onion, or anything else that strikes your fancy.”

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  1. Put 1/4 of the cottage cheese into a wire strainer, & with a spoon press the cottage cheese through the strainer into a bowl, proceed until you have pressed all of the cottage cheese through the strainer.
  2. Add your herbs & spices.
  3. Let set covered in the refrigerator for an hour or two or until the caraway seeds have softened.
  4. Use as you like.

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