Cream Cheese, Bacon and Spinach Dip

“This is always a hit at parties, and is frequently requested by friends and relations. I got it from my mother many years ago. And if, by some weird chance, you have any leftover, it's great on toast in the morning for breakfast. I serve it with plain crackers and/or carrot and celery crudites.”
2 cups

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  1. Grill bacon until well-cooked, but not crispy. If you do this on a rack above an oven tray, much of the fat will drip away. The time will vary according to the type of bacon. Cool bacon for a few minutes, then chop into very small pieces.
  2. Microwave frozen spinach according to directions on the package. Drain any liquid.
  3. In a medium sized bowl, mix all the ingredients together until well-blended, then transfer to a nice serving bowl.
  4. Cover with glad wrap and cool in the fridge. If you can prepare this a few hours ahead of time, the flavours will intensify, but it is fine straight away.

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