Creamed Halushky (Aka Halusky) With Chicken

“This is a take on my Slovak Grandma's Recipe. I used Halushky for the dumplings. I made it without the potato-so I didn't use the blender. This dish is VERY filling (like gnocchi) and VERY inexpensive. You can make this main dish with the chicken or leave it out and have it as a side. Disclaimers: Grandma DID NOT use olive oil- she used olio (aka margarine). Grandma DID NOT use cayenne. Grandma DID NOT use a recipe- so this is my best guess to amounts and times.”

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  1. Put olive oil, celery, and onion in a 12 in pan and sauté for 2 minutes.
  2. Season chicken with pepper and add chicken to pan. Sear on all sides.
  3. Once seared, add chicken broth and reduce heat to a simmer. If chicken is done when broth is evaporated, remove the chicken from the pan. If the chicken is not done, continue adding extra broth until the chicken is done.
  4. When chicken is done, remove from pan. If there is any remaining broth in pan, continue to cook till evaporated.
  5. Add olive oil and flour to pan and whisk until the flour, oil, and things in pan are all mixed and start to brown.
  6. Slowly add milk while whisking. I like to add 1/2 a cup at a time till I reach my desired consistency.
  7. Add bullion cube.
  8. Add sour cream.
  9. Add paprika, cayenne, and pepper until you reach desired spice level.
  10. Add Halushky dumplings and fold them inches.
  11. You can either lay chicken pieces on top or dice them up and fold them into your Halushky.

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