“Fear the fry no more with this recipe for the perfect french fry, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, every time! **This will work with most types of potatoes, but I have found Idaho potatoes to work the best**”

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  1. Pre-heat deep frier to about 375. Make sure your using fresh oil (no more than 20 frying sessions per batch of oil or no more than 2 weeks in fryer).
  2. Peel, rinse, and dry potatoes. Cut and make fries about 1/4 of an inch by 1/4 of an inch.
  3. Deep fry until starting to turn golden, even a bit dark on the edges. Dump into a strainer lined with 2 paper towels. Let drain for 1 minute.
  4. Arrange fries in a single layer onto a small paper towel lined tray (or just use your cutting board, that's what I do!), and place in your freezer for 15-20 minutes. (From this point you could freeze these and just pull them out when needed).
  5. Take fries out of the freezer. They don't have to be frozen but should have a nice chill.
  6. Place back into deep fryer until fries are a dark golden color, and have a nice darkness around the edges. (This will be quick, about 3-5 minutes).
  7. Dump into a strainer lined with 2 new paper towels. Immediately start tossing while seasoning with sea salt to taste. (Or use your favorite seasonings! I like to kick them up a notch with steak seasoning sometimes for a nice Cajun style fry).
  8. Serve immediately as a side to your favorites, or eat them on thier own as a deeeelicious snack!

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