“I found this recipe in one of those mostly resistable check-out stand line books. This one was for Irish recipes for St. Patty's Day. Living here in the Pacific Northwest we LOVE oysters, but frying them, (the way we love them best), is bad for us so we seldom do it. If this recipe works it will be well worth the $5 I paid for the book which didn't really contain much else that interested me. The author of this recipe, Marie Rizzio, won first place in a seafood contest in the hors d'oeuvres category with it, so my hubby and I are looking forward to trying these little gems. We will use very fresh extra small, I don't see this working for large oysters. And I'm including the sauce as that's part of Marie's recipe, but we won't use it, just to keep the health factor. I sure hope this works for us! Let me know if it works for you! NOTE: 4/11/08. Made this tonight as an appy. I used 1/2 pint of very fresh extra small fresh oysters and they were wonderful. (About 15), therefor using half the other ingredients. I would not suggest using anything but extra small or small. These were crispy enough to make hubby and I believers that we can enjoy oven-baked oysters way more often now for health reasons other than fried. If you do more, use 2 baking sheets so you can place the oysters apart and avoid steaming them rather than crisping them. Also, I simply sprayed an oven sheet with cooking spray, then sprayed the coated oysters right on the sheet with a good spray of cooking spray rather than the 2 tablespoons of oil, thereby cutting alot more fat! We dipped them in tartar sauce. YUM!”
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  1. In a shallow bowl, combine the flour, salt and pepper.
  2. In another shallow bowl, whisk eggs.
  3. In a third bowl, combine the bread crumbs, Romano cheese, parsley and garlic salt.
  4. Coat oysters with flour mixture, then dip in eggs, and coat with crumb mixture.
  5. Place in a greased 15-in. x 10-in. x 1-in. baking pan; drizzle with oil.
  6. Bake at 400° for 15 minutes or until golden brown.
  7. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, whisk the jalapeno mayonnaise ingredients.
  8. Serve with oysters.
  9. Yield: about 2-1/2 dozen (about 2/3 cup jalapeno mayonnaise).

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