Crispy Parmesan Cups

“I saw something similar to this on Behind the Bash with Giada D. and came up with these. They served mac and cheese in them but you could really serve anything in them that would taste good with crispy parmesan. An easy way to fancy up your appetizers! You will need 2 mini muffin pans for molding the cups. UPDATE: When I tried posting Zaar would not accept it because it only had 1 ingredient so I added the black pepper. Although it does not call for it, a small crack of black pepper on each crisp probably wouldn't be too bad. Thanks!”
20 cups

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  1. Heat a small non stick pan on the stove top over med. heat.
  2. Place 1 tbs. cheese on a small pile, about the size of a quarter, cook until cheese melts and flip over (this is where you could add a small crack of ground pepper to the cheese if you like), continue cooking until they are light golden brown.
  3. Place a mini muffin tin upside down on a flat surface.
  4. Drape cheese over the "molds" of the pan and press down with a second inverted mini muffin tin.
  5. Let cool and remove from molds.
  6. You can trim off any excess cheese for a more uniform cup.

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