Crispy Pork Salad (Easy Fix With Family-Friendly Options)

“The combo of pork & a variety of fruits & veggies has long been a cuisine classic. With abundant colour, flavour & crunch, this salad has a bit of an Asian flair, but is primarily designed to convince your meat-loving DH & even picky kids that an inexpensive salad can be a welcome dinner meal on occasions when you have precious little time to cook. The sweet-savoury salad dressing & crispy pork slices are prepared 1 dy ahead & the crispy pork slices can be reheated (if desired) while you quickly assemble the salads to get dinner on the table in a flash the next evening! *Enjoy*”

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  1. For Crispy Pork Slices: Prepare 1 dy in advance by first dividing the chop into its 2 butter-flied pieces & pounding each w/a meat mallet or the flat of a meat cleaver. Slice the halved chops across the short side of the pounded pieces in 1/2 in strips. Put the slices in a bowl w/the soy sauce, mix well w/your hand to get good coverage of the meat surfaces & refrigerate for 1/2 hour.
  2. Spread pork slices on work surface or cutting board & pat dry w/paper towels. Place cornstarch & ground ginger in a plastic bag, add pork slices & shake well. In a non-stick skillet over mod-high heat, fry all pork slices in oil till well-browned & crisp, then refrigerate for use the next dy.
  3. For Salad Dressing: Prepare 1 dy in advance by combining all ingredients (except mayo) in a pint-sized jar. Shake well & refrigerate overnite for flavours to blend.
  4. To Assemble Salads: First decide if you want the crispy pork slices hot on your salads. If you do, quickly reheat them in hot oil. Then assemble the salads by placing approx 1 cup of salad greens (or lettuce) on ea of 4 dinner plates. Top w/equal amounts of the tomatoes, carrot strips, sliced apple wedges, snow peas, mushrooms (if using) & crisped pork slices.
  5. Shake dressing well, taste & consider your options. Adjust for taste pref by adding more olive oil, maple syrup, chili sauce or Dijon mustard (but do not add more onion or raisins). If your family prefers a lightly creamed dressing, add 2 oz mayo (more or less, your choice). Shake well again if you added anything. The dressing will have an almost chutney-like texture & flavour. Top salads w/dressing in desired amt or serve separately to be individually added per pers pref.

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