“My wife and I got tired of slaving over a pot stirring and stirring so the bottom of the tomatoes didn't burn; and as we had way to many fresh tomatoes from the garden this year that our sauce pan was barely big enough, we decided we'd throw it in the crock pot. It's super easy and tastes great.”
3 quarts

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  1. Dice onion, green peppers, and garlic (we use a garlic press).
  2. Combine all ingredients except tomato paste and tomatoes in crock pot.
  3. Blanch tomatoes and chill in ice water and remove skins.
  4. Then dice tomatoes and place in strainer. (Do this over the sink or bowl so you can drain out some of the seeds and excess water/juice).
  5. Place drained tomatoes into crock pot until your crock pot is full.
  6. Turn crock pot on high and cover.
  7. Stir sauce whenever you remember or want to smell the yummy goodness.
  8. Remove the lid for about 30 mins a few times throughout cooking to release steam.
  9. Cook for about 1 day then add can of paste stir and can in pressure canner.

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