Crunch in Your Lunch

“This is for those who like both cheese and tuna fish. I find myself often craving this oddity but what can I say, it tastes good to me.”

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 (1 ounce) bag crunchy Cheetos cheese-flavored snacks
  • 1 (6 ounce) can tuna fish


  1. Get out your microwave-safe container with lid or don't bother if you prefer this cold.
  2. Put the tuna in the container after you partially drain it.
  3. Add your salt and pepper if you so desire.
  4. If you did choose to heat then put the loosely fitting lid over the tuna and microwave for about 40 seconds.
  5. Take the tuna out and let it cool while stirring.
  6. When it is almost cool enough to eat you can either dump all of the bag of Cheetos into the tuna and stir or you can save them and dip them into the tuna.The bag size of the Cheetos I speak of are the little kid snack bags from the planet lunch line, I'm pretty sure they are about 1 ounce size bags.You may wish to use 2 depending on how much you like tuna or the Cheetos.
  7. I do both and find them equally nice and tasy. For the name of this recipe you may choose to dump and leave them on top for the crunch aspect.
  8. I sometimes like them to be softer and leave them to soak up the moisture of the tuna.

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