“This is a canning recipe that was given to me by Betty Joyce (a friend of my mother's) so that I could make them myself instead of begging her to make me more.”
12 jars

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  1. Day 1.
  2. Use large, even yellow cucumbers, peel and remove seeds.
  3. Need 7 pounds after this is completed.
  4. Cut lengthwise strips, seal 24 hours in 2 gallons of water and 2 cups pickling lime.
  5. Day 2.
  6. Rinse out of lime water then soak for 6 hours in 2 gallons water with 3 ounces alum.
  7. Then rinse and soak 6 hours in clear water.
  8. Make syrup of 2 quarts white vinegar, 12 cups sugar, celery seed, 2 quarts water, mixed spices, and salt.
  9. Boil and pour over cucumbers and let stand overnight.
  10. Day 3.
  11. Cook until sticks are clear then put in jars and seal in water bath for 25 minutes.
  12. **Allow jars to set for at least 2 months for flavor to go through pickles. Refrigerate prior to serving.

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