“This recipe is from 'jamies dinners' by Jamie Oliver. It makes a lovely starter, but can also be served with grilled prawns or satay chicken. Jamie says it's also lovely as a snack inside a wrap or flatbread. Even though the coconut may be a pain to prepare it's well worth it... However, you may also want to use 1 plastic container of fresh coconut pieces. That's what we used, it was probably less than a whole coconut, but I think it was enough. Although I haven't tried watercress yet, I assume it should work just as well. Jamie calls the salad Keralan, but as it contains cress, it isn't really a true salad from there. The recipe was inspired by a friend of his who runs a Indian restaurant in London.”

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  1. If using a whole coconut you need to crack open the shell. Jamie normally does this by placing it on a tea towel on a hard surface and then giving it a wallop with a rolling-pin or a hammer. Once you've cracked it open you can pull it apart, discarding the hard outer shell.
  2. Cut the peppers into quarters, remove the stalks and seeds, then finely slice. Trim your cress directly from its punnet (the easiest way to do is to take the cress out of the punnet, wash the leafy end and stalks under a tap, then slice the stalk end off and discard it). Cut the mango flesh off the stones and finely slice it. Get your pieces of coconut and grate them finely. Put all these ingredients into a large salad bowl.
  4. Finely grate the ginger and lime zest into a small bowl, then add the lime juice and olive oil. Season to taste, and add more oil as necessary to balance the flavour of your dressing. Limes can be different strengths depending on their juiciness and size.
  5. SERVE:.
  6. Dress the salad just before serving, saving any extra dressing for another day, and eat straight away. Great just as it is, or with some grilled prawns or satay chicken. Also lovely as a snack inside a wrap or flatbread.

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