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  1. Prepare a large piece of silver foil on your work area.
  2. Then one has to prepare the bottom layer of biscuits, which is a rectangular shape made using 3* 8 biscuits.
  3. 3 representing the width and 8 the length.
  4. The biscuits on the side of the rectangle- not the center row- should be LIGHTLY dipped in the wine before being placed on the foil.
  5. (Don't let them get soggy) CUSTARD- whip together the milk, pudding mix and cream until thick Now for the second row of biscuits you have 2 choices.
  6. 1.
  7. Dip 16 biscuits lightly in wine and place over the outer edges of the rectangle you have already created.
  8. 2.
  9. One can spread a small amount of the pudding mix on the outer edges of the rectangle and then cover with the wine dipped biscuits.
  10. Pour the pudding mixture in the center of the rectangle.
  11. Using the foil, carefully lift the edges of the foil, lifting up the outer layers of the triangle and bring to a peak, forming a triangular shape.
  12. Close the foil tightly to seal.
  13. At this point it is worthwhile refrigerating the triangle so that it should set.
  14. After a couple of hours, melt the chocolate.
  15. Release the foil and carefully cover the sides of the triangle with the melted chocolate.
  16. Let the chocolate set, rewrap in foil.
  17. The triangle can be frozen for later use or stored in the refrigerator.

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