“This is my Inlaws original shortbread recipe from Scotland. I have to make it for all my friends & family and I almost lost the recipe during my last move so I'm putting it here for safe keeping. I think the key is leaving it in the oven overnight to dry.”
24-30 cookies

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  1. Beat 1 cup of sugar together with butter and crisco til creamy. Gradually add all purpose & rice flour until dough forms ball. This is easiest in a kitchaid mixer, but if you do it by hand, you will have to put some muscle into it. Remove from bowl and knead on floured surface for 3-5 minute Press dough into heavy 9X13 pan. Even out with offset spatula. Pierce with fork forming lines to prevent crumbling when slicing into bars.Bake @ 325 oven for 55-60 min being careful not to let it brown. Remove from oven. Slice into bars along perferation marks. Shake remaining 4 tbsp sugar over surface. Put back into turned off oven for overnight to dry.

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