Dark Chocolate Layer Cheesecake

“Layered cheesecake for a special occassion!”
2hrs 30mins
1 cheesecake

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  1. Directions.
  2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Coat a 9x13-inch round springform pan with melted butter. Mix pecans and deep dark chocolate cookies together and press 1 cup of the mixture into springform pan.
  3. For the dark chocolate cheesecake melt semi sweet chocolate in a double boiler. Then mix melted chocolate and coffee together and set aside. Mix together cream cheese, sugar and salt and add eggs, one at a time, then add vanilla extract. Add melted chocolate and pour into springform pan and keep at room temperature.
  4. For the pumpkin cheesecake, line a 9-inch round cake pan with parchment paper and butter both (pan and paper). Mix together the pumpkin puree, cream cheese, sugar flour and eggs, one at a time. Add vanilla extract, all spice, cinnamon, and ground cloves. Pour into prepared pan.
  5. Bake both cheesecakes at 350 degrees for 1 hour and 10 minutes. Turn off oven and leave cakes in oven for 20 minutes longer. Take out and keep at room temperature for 20 minutes. Put chocolate cheesecake in the fridge and keep pumpkin cheesecake at room temperature.
  6. For semi-sweet ganache, bring to a boil: heavy whipping cream, butter and sugar. Add chopped chocolate and whisk.
  7. Pour 1 cup of ganache over chocolate cheesecake and top with pumpkin cheesecake. Put in the freezer for 1 hour. Take out of freezer and glaze with remaining ganache and pat remaining crust on sides. Keep Refrigerated!
  8. Serving Size.
  9. 8-10.
  10. Preparation Time.
  11. 30 minutes.
  12. Cooking Time.
  13. 2 hours.

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