“I invented this recipe when I was 13, and it's still popular with my family!”
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  1. Whisk together the cheezecake flavor pudding mix with 2 cups milk in medium bowl until smooth. Divide equally between 2 tall serving glasses.
  2. Place in fridge for 5 minutes, until firm, and then place in freezer for about an hour. Move to fridge to thaw a little bit.
  3. Whisk together the vanilla flavor pudding mix with the remaining 2 cups milk in medium bowl until smooth. Whisk in the strawberry flavor gelatin dessert mix until smooth. Pour on top of frozen pudding, leaving about 2 cm of space between the rim of the glass and the top of the strawberry pudding.
  4. If there is any extra strawberry pudding, pour into a Ziplock bag and seal shut.
  5. Place the glasses and bag of pudding in the fridge for about 5 minutes. Take the glasses out of the fridge and place in freezer until ready to serve.
  6. To serve: take the glasses out of the freezer. Place teaspoonfuls of the extra strawberry pudding on top of frozen puddings in small heaps. Serve immediately!
  7. Enjoy!

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