“I got the basis of this from a Jamie Oliver episode. He put herbs, feta cheese and olive oil in a French canning jar for a present. It looked so good, but I thought to myself, I can go one better. (You can mix and match what you think would go well with this, like roasted bell pepper, or carmelized onion instead of the garlic... the sky's the limit) Let this sit for a week in the fridge and get some crusty bread and a spoon and it's really the most decadent garlic bread you could ever have.”
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  1. This is all subject to your taste. On your clean cupboard sprinkle the black pepper, crushed red pepper, rosemary, thyme, fennel, and parsley.
  2. Make sure your feta is dry, pat it with a few paper towels if needed.
  3. Sprinkle the cheese over the herbs on the cupboard and gently press them all over the cheese.
  4. Get a clean canning jar, I like the French canning jars, they seal tight and they're very pretty.
  5. Take a third of your cheese and put it in the bottom of the jar and spread it out. Do not pack it down, you need little nooks and crannies. Then layer on a third of your roasted garlic (I'm sure you've removed it from the skin), then a third of the olives and repeat until it's all inches
  6. Take your olive oil and slowly drizzle it in so it takes up all the space between the cheese, garlic and olives and fill just to the top so everything is covered.
  7. Let it sit in the fridge for a week so the flavors can blend (I only lasted four days before I tried it). Serve on french bread, sliced baguettes, with a salad.
  8. Serving size varies on how much you like on your bread. I say about 10 people could have 5-6 appetizers from this amount.

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