Deer Camp Hot Mustard Dip, (For Bologna)

“When I hunted deer years ago, in Harrison County, Ohio, at night the guys would gather around a bonfire where we would each ritualistically grab a length of Trail bologna, (originally invented by the nearby Amish people in Trail, Ohio), and ate it without bread, dipping it into our own little bowls of this great hot mustard dip. This dip was an invention of one of our hunting peers who had formerly worked as a full-time fireman, and served as the main cook for himself and his fellow firefighters. This stuff is really easy to prepare and I still whip up a batch once in awhile. It's really flavorful as well as being hot and it's equally tasty with pepperoni salami! Adjust the ingredient amounts to fit your personal needs -- it's essentially "half and half".”

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  1. The measurement of the banana peppers is 16 ounces of them by volume AFTER they are drained, so you'll probably need a couple of regular-sized jars if you plan to make the full recipe.
  2. Pour the drained hot pepper slices into a mixing bowl and remove any tops with stems or hard pieces. Don't worry about a few seeds if some are present.
  3. In a food processor, dump in the drained pepper slices and turn them into "mush".
  4. In a mixing bowl, blend the pepper mush with the mustard. Store under refrigeration in sanitized jars.
  5. NOTE: My hunting pals and I have found that this recipe tastes best with one of the following three (fairly tart) brands of mustard: Heinz (my favorite); French's, or; Plochmans. ALSO, I use pepper slices instead of whole peppers because there are very few seeds in the canned sliced peppers.

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